Growth under slowdown

It is evident that Sod Mongol Group and its president’s policy revolves around social responsibility, youth development, and intellectual investment. Anandbazar prefers to let people experience his accomplishments rather than advertising them and he is one the leading businessmen of Mongolia.

In these tough economic times, companies are jumping erratically in the Mongolia’s top tax payers’ list. In the last 7 years, Sod Mongol Group was included in the list which is an important indicator for companies who are contributing to the economic growth and state budget of Mongolia. Last year, the group was ranked eighth. The General Department of Taxation’s annual list of Top 100 tax payers will be renewed and Sod Mongol has a very good chance of climbing higher in the ranks.

Sod Mongol Group, one of the most powerful groups in Mongolia, suppliers 15 percent of the country’s oil products’ market and pays an annual tax of over 10 billion tugriks to the state. Anandbazar founded his company in 1999, with a focus on import and trade of oil products. Today, it has developed into a group company with over 10 subsidiaries and businesses in movie, entertainment, agriculture, construction and tourism. IMAX technology has only recently became mainstream and there are IMAX theaters in only 70 countries. New Tour Safaris, a subsidiary of Sod Mongol Group, is providing the opportunity to experience this technology to Mongolians.

The Top 100 Companies list, which is carried out by the Mongolian Government and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is an arena for Mongolian companies to compete. Sod Mongol was included in the list for 15 years in a row.

Key sectors: Oil, oil products, trade, entertainment, cinema, agriculture, construction, tourism

Number of employees: 1,500+