Products we offers to our customers

We are integrating the wholesale sales of petroleum products in accordance with our customers’ demands, and cooperating with high professional and flexible payment conditions.

A80, Ai-92, Ai-95, Super Ai-98

Diesel Fuel (winter & summer)

TS-1 (Jet fuel)

Fuel Oil & Lubricants

Mazut M 100

Bitumen BHD 90/130

Retail Sales

SOD Card:

50₮ discount per litre
3% amount will be saved in your account
Dedicated mobile app
Through the app, you can monitor your usage

IC Card: Suitable for organization, complete system where you can monitor, create users, add & deduct amounts.

Loading over the tank – Diesel

In Use: All type of tanks and tankers fillable over lid

Price: Storage price + transportation price

Minimum transportation quantity: More than 1,000 litres

DT speed dispenser

In Use: All types of transportation, buses & cars

Advantages: 4 times faster than regular pump

Price: Based on the purchase price, using SOD cards loyalty program, you can get 150₮ discounted price

4 Storage Facilities
Wholesale Serviceable Area
What is SOD Card?

Sod Mongol Group petrol stations will charge user accounts with bonus points every time they make their purchases using SOD card. Consumers can enjoy discounted purchases after their accumulated bonuses.

Consumers will use the card to receive benefits to choose from 50MNT discount per liter or 3% of total purchase added on bonus card to use next payment.

Login to your SOD Card
Benefits of SOD Card
  • The settlement option for fuel purchase
  • Benefits of discount programs and 50 ₮ discount at purchase per liter
  • Avoids cash transaction risks
  • Monitor your expenditure online
  • Transferable bonus points
  • Easy to use
  • Privileges during fuel shortages
  • Remote top up options

Will the fuel price be discounted for SOD card?
SOD Mongol group will announce special discount days for SOD card users by registered phone number or mobile app.  SOD card users can purchase fuel with discounted price.

How to open a Bonus Card?
You can open SOD card at any Sod Mongol Group petrol station near you.

Do you expect bonus points for cash and non-cash purchases?
SOD card users can collect bonus points in cash and non-cash payments.

How to purchase bonus points?
SOD card users can charge their account at nearest petrol station, or by using mobile application.

Can you transfer your bonus points?
SOD card owners can transfer their bonus points as a gift to others by simply using mobile application or

Organization User’s Card

Dedicated mobile application

50 MNT




Features of IC Card Service

You can use this app to control the use of car fuels, incentives, purchase discounted information, and make purchases with bonuses.

  • Production exclusively in Germany
  • Original approvals of renowned automotive and machinery manufacturers
  • Own product management & laboratory
  • Quality preservation through long-term contracts with base oil/additive suppliers
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • True JAPANESE standard
  • Unique recipe
  • High standard of Control of Blending and Raw materials
  • High tech blending process.
  • Unique metal
    canister and patented

LUMIX are designed and manufactured leading company in the lubricants market by “Obninskorgsintez”. The company has a strong culture of production, which is confirmed by the presence of a number of certificates of conformity.  In the arsenal of “Obninskorgsintez” has the most modern analytical and production equipment, including 15 stands for tests, which ensures strict quality control at every stage of production.

Sod convenience store

Established in 2003 as a part of petrol stations of Sod Mongol Group” LLC, the “SOD” chain store provides goods and services with over 3,000 variety of products conveniently to the customers and travelers through its 15 different locations in UB and rural areas as well.

The convenience store operates with over 70 staff by 24/7 and aims to provide high standard services to customers with range of everyday items such as groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, and licensed to sell alcohol beverages such as beer and wine. In addition, customers can buy not only hot coffee and tea and heated fast foods, a range of engine oils and lubricants can be purchased while refueling their vehicle with quality fuels.


Located conveniently at Petrol stations alongside a busy road, in urban and rural areas, or at another transport hub.


24/7 open service with variety of products in all 8 categories including tobacco and alcohol beverages.

  • HOT beverages COFFEE and TEA
  • Convenient accessible information for other goods
  • Range of Engine Oils and other Lubricants
  • Phone prepaid minute services of all phone operators.
  • Official Partner and Distributor of MALCHIN LLC, the biggest supplier of wind and solar power systems and kitchen appliances and motorcycles to herders and farmers in rural areas.

24/7 open service with variety of products in all 8 categories including tobacco and alcohol beverages.

Located conveniently at Petrol stations alongside a busy road, in urban and rural areas, or at another transport hub.

HOT beverages COFFEE and TEA. Convenient accessible information for other goods.