Our people are the heart of our business. We are proud of our meritocratic working environment – one that is forged in an atmosphere of integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity and mutual respect. We set high standards for ourselves and our partners in our day-to-day activities.

  • You will be part of the leading and one of the very first Gas Oil Company of Mongolia.
  • You will get extraordinary professional experience at SodMongol Group.
  • Opportunity to develop in an atmosphere where the employee are optimistic, imaginative and ambitious
  • Build up skills in a wide variety of industries and operations
  • Fair job performance assessment, innovative strategies, fair pay, and labor market compensation programs.


The Group subsidizes lunch expenses, cell phone service payments, and transportation allowances, monthly petroleum allowance and two movie tickets for your birthday.


Employees of the Group are fully covered by social insurance and health insurance as well as accident insurance depending on the work environment of the employee


We provide financial assistance to matters such as marriage, newborns, and sudden illness.

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The Sod Mongol Group provides low-interest loans to well-performing employees. Employees can also apply for a low-interest salary loan to solve short-term financial challenges.



Every year, the Group awards employees whom have consistently excelled and outperformed in their positions. Prizes include overseas travel certificates, cash bonuses, products and services offered by the Group


The Group encourages employees to have a healthy and active lifestyle by providing them with availability of sports facilities. They include basketball, volleyball, table tennis, hiking. For the purpose of improving employees’ productivity, teamwork, and work environment, the Group organizes many activities at the moment.

If you find that you qualify for an open job, fill out the online application form or submit the application and send it to us. Please click here.

Receipt of application (Online and Paperback)

The receipt of the application will not result in any liability to the applicant

Post qualification (Online and paper)

We will sort the most suited candidate for the upcoming interview and selection process.

Invitation to Phase 1 interview (Telephone call)

The most suited candidates are invited to take the pre – interview from the human resource department.


Depending on the nature of the position, you’re invited to additional 2 to 3 interviews with relevant departments and their heads

Take professional examination (When necessary)

Depending on the nature of the position, you’re invited to additional professional examination when necessary from the respective department.

Stage 2 interview (Consultation with the executive branch)

It will be the final phase of the interview, the finalized candidates give interview to the executive branches.

Job Proposal

Once the selection process has been completed, final candidate is notified via phone, email or in person for the job offer, and the terms of the employment agreement are considered.