Products we offers to our customers

We are integrating the wholesale sales of petroleum products in accordance with our customers’ demands, and cooperating with high professional and flexible payment conditions.

A80, Ai-92, Ai-95, Super Ai-98

Diesel Fuel (winter & summer)

TS-1 (Jet fuel)

Fuel Oil & Lubricants

Mazut M 100

Bitumen BHD 90/130

Wholesale Fuel Station

Purpose: Installation of petrol station at heavy usage site such as heavy machineries, mining facilities and heavy duty equipments

Advantage: Cheaper than retail price, the supply of long-term contracts will not be delayed. And fully meet quality assurance (Roseneft)

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Southgobi, Dornogobi, Dornod, Darkhan

Transportable Station

Purpose: Portable and moveable according to business need

Advantages: Close to consumers and reliable and if monthly usage is above 50,000 litre, then we can place the mobile petrol station at your site

Storage Facilities

Purpose: Fuel transportation tanker

Advantage: Fully equipped with the latest technologies, 24 hours & fully automatic

Loading Capacity: More than 3,000 litre

4 Storage Facilities
Wholesale Serviceable Area
What is IC Card?

“Sod Mongol Group” LLC introduced the first Smart IC card in 2008 (IC card) in Mongolia. IC card is specifically designed for fuel purchase only, a smart card that provides easy access to all personal and organizational fuel consumption which save time and save money. This service has been awarded the best service in 2011 for its customer satisfaction.

There are two type of card;

  1. Organization’s card
  2. Organization’s user card
Login to your IC Card
Organization’s Card

How to get new card: Copies of state registration certificates, stamps, copies of citizen ID cards

Price: 5,000 per card

Card Charging: Can charge your organization’s account through banking or at petrol station card center. And you can allocate the funds to respective user’s card

Purchase Fuel: The driver activates the money allocated to the card by organization and passes the code and the type of fuel the drivers can access

Incentives: All incentives are covered under the terms of the agreement

Organization User’s Card

How to get new card: Copies of driver’s license or copies of citizen ID cards

Price: 5,000 per card

Purchase Fuel: Drivers can read their card at Tugrik POS reader

Incentives: All incentives are covered under the terms of the agreement


Petrol Stations in Ulaanbaatar


Petrol Stations in other aimag


discount on every per litre

Benefits of IC Card
  • Your are purchasing quality fuel from us.
  • All kinds of petrol are available for sale.
  • Fully control your fuel consumption (for fuel consumption only).
  • Full protection against cash loss and other risks.
  • Preferred over during the fuel shortage.
  • It is possible to get your spending reports through online.
  • The card center at petrol stations are available for 24 hours.
  • If you lost your card, you can disable the card through phone or any card center.
  • The amounts in the lost or damaged card will be automatically transfer to the new card.
  • We never disable/close your card regardless of whether or not you use it.
  • All petrol stations are fully connected to the IC ​​card system in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas.
  • The IC card is protected by 6-digit number.
Features of IC Card Service
  • For each organization, each card is fully capable of monitoring fuel consumption for each cardholder card with its unique number.
  • You can monitor driver’s card usage reports at the card center or online any time.
  • The organization can monitor each individual driver’s card through the main system and can do following functions;
    • Recharge the cards
    • Usage of cards (when, where, how much and what kind of fuel they received)
    • View card balance
  • IC card can help discontinue drivers’ improper usage of fuels.
  • Card reports will be automatically sent to your e-mail by the end of every month.
  • Card transactions can be accessed remotely (phone/fax: 313335, email:
  • All Sod Mongol Group’s petrol stations are fully monitored by a high security system with high-resolution camera system. Upon cardholder’s request, we can provide recording of 14 days.
  • Depending on the card type, the card can be set to a specific location accessing, thus limiting the fuel consumption.
  • IC CARD does not need to be extended every year for the card.
  • It can save up to 3 percent on the price per liter of petrol (depending on the terms of the contract).
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